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People around the world have embraced ThetaHealing in the past two decades, making it the fastest growing modality. ThetaHealing brings together Meditation, Focussed Prayer and 'Digging" to bring about LIFE CHANGING shifts in a person's reality.

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Recognizing your Miracles

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Dig Deeper 

Pre requisite: Basic+Advanced

Why ThetaHealing Technique?

July 10th to 12th, 


Basic DNA2


Pre requisite: None

Bring the life of your dreams into reality! 

 Discover how you can live an inspired, empowered life through the growing modality of the ThetaHealing® Technique.

ThetaHealing Technique strengthens your weaknesses, and weakens your fears. Raise your vibration to witness miracles and wonderment. Be a part of changing and healing our planet!

July 17th to 19th  2020

Advanced DNA2 


Pre requisite: Basic DNA2