Here’s a Bit More About Najma

Mehvash is a ThetaHealing® Master and Certificate of Science. She comes from a background of film making and experienced

burning out from years of crazy film schedules and

mounting stress. She took a break to find a practical

solution to living and engaging with everyday life while

still creating joy and harmony.

She  teaches ThetaHealing® classes and also has 

one-on-one personal healing sessions for her students

and clients in 

  • Dubai, U.A.E. 
  • Mumbai, India
  • Chennai, India

as well as Skype ThetaHealing Personal Sessions across the globe. She is also available to travel to teach classes in your country.

Mehvash offers personal healing sessions, talks, and workshops that shed light on the growing modality of ThetaHealing® and how it works seamlessly with all other aspects of life. To find out more, contact us with your questions and we would be delighted to help you.

Najma is a ThetaHealer® Master teaching  Thetahealing® since 2015. 

She is a cosmetologist and hairstylist since 1976

and has had the top Hair Salon and teaching academy

in Chennai from 1980-1998 before moving to USA.

She has been a yoga practitioner since


She has been Museum Art Director in

 Hyderabad from 2003-2006. 

She has studied Ayurveda and Aromatherapy as

part of her cosmetologist courses. 

A published Author, mother and grandmother,

Najma’s life mission has always been to help others

find happiness, improvement and meaning to their


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Najma and Mehvash are ThetaHealing® Master, Certificate of Science and Instructors who has been dedicated to helping their clients and students find the clarity, rediscover joy and experience harmony in their lives.

Najma and Mehvash are 

full time Thetahealers®,

dedicated to finding the joy

in themselves and others! 

​​​​​About Najma and Mehvash

Here’s a Bit More About Mehvash

Najma and Mehvash Husain

**ThetaHealing®  Master, Certificate of Science, Instructors and Practitioner**

**Founders of Spark Of All That Is**